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AC is the only permanent mechanism between East Asia and Latin American that facilitates inter-regional political dialogue and promotes cooperation and joint action in various rea


at more than 20,000 people had been evacuated to shelters. While declaring a state of emergency in the southern part of the country, Honduras' President Porfirio Lobo appealed for .


or survivors in collapsed structures. L.A. county fire Capt. Bryan Wells said part of their mission in Japan was just to "reunite the families." "If we can help out the families to.


he 1,817 patrolmen and the 36,000 socialist patrols to go out to the streets with passions to touch the people's heart. So we all can conquer the triumph." Meanwhile, opposition le.


ny jobless Canadians for whom the recovery has yet to become a full reality. That is why the economy remains the No. 1 priority for Canadians, and must remain the No. 1 priority f.

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oth countries depend on Canada-U.S. trade -- 8 million in the United States and 2.4 million in Canada. The minister noted that due to the highly integrated supply chains, protecti.

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ted its destructive force after making its landfall in North Carolina on Saturday morning, bringing about high wind, torrential rain, flooded streets and power outages. About 200.

s. Gang members apparently killed the peasants including nine men and one woman because they didn't pay the gang extortion fees. BOGOTA, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- Colombian authorities .

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